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Grading / Condition

Behind every item the condition of the record / CD is mentioned and then that of the cover. Most records are visually graded. Condition of the picture sleeves and record covers can also been seen in the pictures, wich are actual pictures of the records and sleeves. The grading that I use is as follows: 

New or M = Never played before. The record has been in and out the inner sleeve a few times at most. No marks of use. Often the record or CD is still sealed.

EX = The vinyl looks glossy and has only been played a few times. There may be light traces of getting in and out of the sleeve or other very light marks of use. CDs have no or very slight traces of use.

VG = Vinyl has obvious traces of use, but still plays well. Only slight superficial scratches. Some noise may be heard in silent passages. No skips, no warps, no deep scratches.

G = Vinyl has been used very clearly. Background noise can be heard throughout the record. May contain deeper scratches that can be heard as ticks or clicks. Record can skip and possibly contain a slight warp. Only interesting if the record is rare or for the enthusiast.

Sometimes a record or cover is slightly better or worse than the category in which it belongs. In that case I use + or ++ (for example VG +) and – or – – (for example EX-).

Unfortunately, not everyone has been careful with his or her records. Sometimes a name is written on the cover or label. Stickers and stamps are also common. The most common “extras” are:

WOC = Writing on cover

WOL = Writing on label

SOC = Sticker on cover

SOL = Sticker on label

Cut Out = Unsold records who returned from retailers often got a punch hole or they cut off a corner or sometimes they add a notch to the spine of the jacket. Mostly they ended up in the bargain bins.