Featured this month

The new vinyl EP by The Krontjong Devils is once again of unprecedented beauty. Very limited edition in black and yellow vinyl.
Unfortunately, when the newsletter went out, the record had not arrived yet, but can be ordered next month.

New this Month

First Wave singles

Boss Instrumentals
Frogmen - Underwater
Al Casey - Surfin' Hootenanny
The Frogmen - Underwater
The Hondells - Sea Cruise
Ronny & The Daytonas - G.T.O.
Ronny & The Daytonas - Sandy
Var. Art. - Boss Instrumentals

Second Wave singles

King Jartur & his Lords
Davie Allan - Rebel on the Run (split 7")
Davie Allan - Rebel on the Run (yellow, split 7")
The Andrews Surfers - Riding the Whorse of Babylon
Thee Cormans - Big Twins Forever (split 7")
King Jartur & His Lords - Summer Fun
King Jartur & His Lords - Up in the Battlement
Man or Astro-Man? - Distant Pulsar
The Riddlers - Go Sound
Tommy and The Rockets - Let's Have Fun in the Summer Sun


T-Bones - Boss Drag

The Beach Boys - Live in Paris
The Bradipos IV - Bradipos IV
Los Freneticos - Teletransporacion
The Halibuts - Gnarly!
Jan & Dean - Meet Batman
Satan's Pilgrims - Go Action!
The Surfrajettes - Roller Fink
The T-Bones - Boss Drag
Var. Art. - Summer Means Fun


Annette - Volume 2
The Aquaholics - Surfing with Satan
Man or Astro-Man? - Your Weight on the Moon


Gitarist - Okt 2006
Gitarist - Juli 2012
Slop Tones - Slough Raider Ploy
Gitarist #187, October 2006 (Magazine)
Gitarist # 256, July 2012 (Magazine)
The Sloptones - Slough Raider Ploy (Cassette)
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