Featured this month

Besides the usual new surf music, I also added some Exotica to the store this month. Many surf music enthusiasts also love the Tiki culture and Exotica. You can find it in the menu under Miscellaneous or at the bottom of the navigation bar on the right side.
Les Baxter - Ritual of the Savage
Gene Rains - Far Away Lands
Chaino - Africana & Beyond

New this Month


Trashmen - Surfin' Bird (front)
Brian Bennett Band
Gene Gray - Surfer's Mood (back)
The Brian Bennet Band - The Girls Back Home
Gene Gray and the Stingers - Surf Bunny
The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird (picture disc)


Satan's Pilgrims - Creature Feature
Messer Chups - Bermuda 66
Dirty Fuse - Calling of the Deep
Agent Orange - Living in Darkness
Dirty Fuse - Calling from the Deep
Franks & Deans - Surfin' Turf (10")
Messer Chups - Bermuda 66
Satan' Pilgrims - Creature Feature


Aqua Barons - Southeast Stompers
Ghiblis - Domino
Franks & Deans - Surfin' Turf
The Aqua Barons - Southeast Stompers
Franks & Deans - Surfin' Turf
The Giblis - Domino
Var. Art. - Surf Guitars Rumble

Books, Magazines

Surf Beat
Martin Schmidt - The Surf Guitar Book
Tiki Magazine #6
Surf Beat - Martin Schmidt
The Surf Guitar Book - Martin Schmidt
Tiki Magazine & More #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
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